Connecting policy and frontline to build a better future. Together. 


Collaborative learning for real change

Telescope creates a safe space for collaboration.

As a social enterprise, we connect policy and frontline professionals for collaborative, practical learning experiences. 

Designed to encourage sector-wide collaboration, our programmes work to ensure that people working on the frontline play a role in shaping policy.


Together, frontline and policy experts will build resilient communities and a more inclusive society.

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Learn with and from people working on your social issues across different sectors and roles.

Gain innovation and systems thinking tools to support problem-solving and tackling your key challenges.

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Build empathy-based connections with policy-makers, social sector workers and social innovators.


Having spent almost two decades operating at the sharp end of challenging inner-city estates, I’m convinced there would be transformative mutual value in creating co-learning spaces for our frontline staff alongside those creating and driving social policy.


This is exactly what Telescope does. It’s the solution we’ve been waiting for - at last there’s the opportunity to build meaningful relationships that create better policy and more effective delivery.

—  Rob Trimble, Chief Executive, Bromley by Bow Centre