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Building Back Better - our Connect programme

At Telescope, we connect policymakers with those working on the frontline, using innovation thinking tools to encourage inclusive and collaborative policymaking. Through our facilitated workshops, we help to build connections and spark ideas among the changemakers and frontline experts in our society. We love seeing the benefits for policymakers of learning about frontline challenges first hand.

But when the whole world is in self isolation and lockdown, that isn’t so easy.

Now more than ever, frontline workers and local & central government need to work together to share information and find smart ways to provide vital support and services to the most vulnerable in our communities. Many services have been forced to close their doors and quickly find ways to support people remotely, while our health services across the board are working at maximum capacity. Meanwhile, policymakers across government are working at pace to make informed and effective choices in a rapidly changing situation, but lack meaningful access to the perspective from the frontline.

With our new online peer-learning programme, we help to complete this loop.

We need to find new ways of delivering critical services. This is true now, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, and it will be true once this immediate crisis subsides, as we open our eyes to a changed world. We need innovation and fresh ideas, and that’s what Telescope is all about.

What’s in it for you?

  • Build direct connections with staff working on the frontline in your sector.

  • Develop a mutual and deep understanding of shared challenges and needs.

  • Gain a new toolset based on innovation thinking and service design principles

  • Generate and test new ideas, collaborating with your partner and supported by the Telescope team.

We support you to find collaborative solutions in unprecedented times, and build a better society for the future together.

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