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Join our online hands-on practical programme exploring human-centred design, systems thinking, and co-design, building collective insights and practical problem solving tools for solving complex challenges.

Building on our successful in person programmes, we are now running Telescope 'Connect', a 6-week online peer-learning programme to help you develop your knowledge, skills and confidence in collaborative problem solving and to build and test real solutions.

Connect programme details 

Duration: 6 weeks (6 x 2 hour sessions)

Participants: People working in front-line social sector, central and local government, charities, and social enterprises 


Max. class size: 10

Cost: Sliding scale £350-£650

Scholarships and discounts: available for every course, please contact us

Who should attend?

This programme will be highly valuable for people working in frontline social or government systems who are wanting to affect positive social change. You may be looking for practical and pragmatic tools for effective social change that you can share with your organisations. 

What's on the agenda?

  1. Introducing human-centred design - understanding different perspectives

  2. Introducing systems mapping - mapping agents and systems

  3. Defining systems challenges - understanding the bigger picture

  4. System experiments - building solutions

  5. Trialling ideas and prototypes - developing real projects 

  6. Delivering lasting change - evaluating impact

What are the learning outcomes?

Together, we will build:


​Learn with, and from, people working on your social issue. Work in pairs and small cohorts,  developing active listening skills


Learn tools to support you to investigate and problem-solve your key challenges, including systems thinking and design thinking


Build lasting networks with policy-makers, social sector workers and social innovators by co-designing  informed interventions for positive social change

What support will I get?

You will be in a group of no more than 10 people, or paired directly with a relevant partner. Each group will be facilitated by Telescope's co-founders. You will have the opportunity to learn in pairs and small groups in a cohort that has been curated to ensure collaboration between front-line organisations and  policy-makers.

You will receive practice exercises to bring content to life, a workbook of learning materials and exercises and dedicated Q&A time during and after sessions. Follow-on 1:1 support will also be available for projects developed through the programme.

Here's what a participant said about our Justice programme (May-June 2020):

“CONNECT is about inspiring people to be together in making decisions. I’m proud of myself for giving other probation officers a voice. Policy-makers can learn from us frontline staff, and we can learn from policy-makers. I didn’t know how to go about making change, but it seems clear now… it doesn’t need to be perfect, we just have to make the first small steps.”

Sarah, Probation worker

Connect programme participant summer 2020

Is the 'Connect' course right for me?

If you have any questions, please get in touch -we're more than happy to have an informal chat.

Upcoming courses


Our upcoming programmes include:


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Ready to apply? 

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We are committed to providing our programmes as equitably as possible. We offer a sliding scale model for fees, which helps ensure participants from diverse economic and organisational backgrounds, including those with lived experience gain equal access to our programmes.  Pricing is scaled according to organisational income. 

Tier One: £650 — This level is appropriate for participants coming from well-resourced organisations with allocated funds for professional development, such as central government and non-profit foundations.

Tier Two: £450 — This level is best suited for participants from small-mid-sized organisations that have allocated funds toward professional development. 

Tier Three: £350 — This level is best suited for participants in organisations with limited or no professional development budgets, for example those working on the frontline in the social sector. 


We are committed to ensuring our programmes are accessible to a wide variety of people - we offer scholarships for participants from every tier.

Please contact us at 

If you're uncertain which is the most appropriate tier for you, please get in touch with us to discuss.


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