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Connect programme

Join our online hands-on practical programme exploring human-centred design, systems thinking, and co-design, building collective insights and practical problem solving tools for solving complex challenges.

Our 6-week Connect programme is an online peer-learning experience designed as a safe space to think big. We will help you develop your knowledge, skills and confidence in collaborative problem-solving. With your fellow participants, you will build and test real solutions.

Programmes can be run in pairs or cohorts.

Duration: 6 x 2 hour workshops, and micro-learnings between sessions.

Participants: frontline professionals working in social sector organisations, local government and charities; policymakers across central and local government; and social enterprises.


Max. class size: 12

Cost: sliding scale based on organisational income.

Scholarships and discounts are available for every course - please contact us.

Who can attend?

This programme is designed for people working in frontline roles, socially-focused organisations, or government (central or local) who want to effect positive social change. If you are looking for practical tools for effective social change that you can share with your organisation, or you want to build stronger connections across your sector, this is the programme for you.

What's on the agenda?

Building empathy: understanding your own values and others' perspectives.

Introducing systems mapping: seeing the bigger picture.

Defining systems challenges: understanding pain points.

Thinking creatively: ideating on real-world solutions.

Prototyping ideas: developing real interventions.

Delivering lasting change: taking steps to impact over the long-term.

What are the learning outcomes?

Together, we will build:

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an understanding of the realities of other people's roles in your sector.

an understanding of the value of your expertise and how to feed that into the wider system.

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knowledge of systems mapping tools to understand the bigger picture.

ability to spot opportunities and build prototypes through human-centred design tools.

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stronger, empathy-based relationships with relevant stakeholders.

informed policy interventions, co-designed with the input of frontline voices.

What support do you offer?

Working directly with a relevant partner, or in a group of no more than 12 people, you will undertake 6 carefully-designed sessions facilitated by the Telescope team. All learning has been carefully curated to ensure a safe space for communication and collaboration between frontline professionals and policymakers.

Each course includes hands-on practical exercises to bring content to life, micro-learning exercises between sessions to help embed learning, and interactive online tools to keep your learning alive. Follow-on 1:1 support is also be available for interventions developed through the programme.

John, a participant on our 2021 Connect programme in homelessness, said:

“Connect allowed me to see the people who are involved in tackling homelessness and has given me the connections I need."

John, Crisis volunteer & lived experience expert


We are committed to providing our programmes as equitably as possible. Our fees operate on a sliding scale, helping to ensure that participants from diverse economic and professional backgrounds, including those with lived experience of social issues, gain access to our programmes.


Pricing is scaled according to organisational income, and we ask that all applicants select the band they feel is most appropriate for them.


We also offer scholarships for participants from every pricing tier. Please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements, or if you are unsure which price tier is most appropriate for you.

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